Elected Officials

Citizens of Cache County are encouraged to become familiar with their elected representatives and the offices they hold in all areas of government including school districts, local cities and towns, county government, as well as state and federal offices. All County Executive Branch Official terms are 4 years long. The current Cache County Executive Branch Officials are below. The next election for the County Attorney, Clerk/Auditor, Executive/Surveyor, Sheriff will be in 2018. The Next election for  Assessor, Recorder, and Treasurer Offices which will be in 2020.


Assessor Kathleen Howell's face   Attorney James Swink's face  Clerk/Auditor Jess Bradfield's face Executive/Surveyor Craig Buttars' face
Kathleen C. Howell (R)
(435) 755-1590
James Swink (R)
(435) 755-1860

Clerk / Auditor
Jess W. Bradfield (R)
(435) 755-1460

Craig W. Buttars (R)
(435) 755-1850
Recorder Mike Gleed's face Sheriff Chad Jensen's face Treasurer Craig McAllister's face  
Michael L. Gleed (R)
(435) 755-1530

Chad Jensen (R)
(435) 755-1000

Craig McAllister (R)
(435) 755-1500